Jimmy Donates Food To McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

Jimmy has been donating food to MUHC EVERY WEEK since the COVID-19 Pandemic surfaced, and he will continue to support all hospitals and community individuals who are in need during the crisis!

Jimmy continues to volunteer and contribute to the community in anyway he can during the COVID-19 crisis, including donating masks and food to hospitals around Montreal.

For the past 2 months, Jimmy and his restaurant Wok Cafe has been donating food to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) every Sunday to support the essential workers working the front lines.

Jimmy also bought chocolates for the hospital staff, who were very grateful!

Jimmy posted on Facebook:

Our family and our West Island DDO Wok Cafe restaurant wanted to thank all the health professionals who are constantly on the front line taking care of our community. , risking their own lives, saving lives!!!

Our family wanted to show our warm appreciation by providing them with our best foods to fill their stomach.

Today we donated our best hot food to the microbiology department at the Royal Victoria , they’re a group of microbiologists that’s testing all the covid tests for positive or negative results.

MUHC Microbiology Lab. We appreciate all of your non stop hard work days and nights during these Global pandemic COVID-19 dangerous times.

Jimmy’s contribution was also well-appreciated by Anna who works at MUHC:

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