Dragon Boat Competition COVID-19 Memorial Cup In Progress

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the dragon boat season has been cancelled this year, so JImmy’s dragon boat team Phoenix Warriors will not be practicing or training together until further notice due to social distancing measures. However, they are all still training hard individually at their homes so they will be ready for the next season!

Jimmy Chan (founder of One World One Humanity and founder/captain of Phoenix Warriors Dragon Boat Team) had been in touch with owners of 22Dragons Matt Robert and Matthew Smith as well as the owners of H2OPlayground Pierre-Olivier Girard regarding a special event (tribute to the Montreal Chan Dragon Boat Sports Club and the Montreal Dragon Boat Associations to celebrate their 25th year anniversary) to add to the next Montreal Challenge, along with a Cultural Dragon Boat Festival this summer in July. However, now that the dragon boat season has been postponed until further notice, Jimmy’s plans will have to wait–However, Jimmy is taking this time to further develop his plans for the next dragon boat event!

Jimmy has been doing volunteer work for more than 30 years as a humanitarian. Throughout the past 2 months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jimmy stepped up and supported the front line workers by donating food, masks and other supplies to thank them for taking care of our community and saving lives.

Jimmy has visions to propose to the City of Montreal. He is now in process of planning out a special dragon boat competition to honor the victims of COVID-19 who have passed away. This special dragon boat event is also to honor all the front line workers who have been working so hard throughout the crisis to make sure we all stay safe.

Jimmy’s dragon boat competition will have 2 cups:
1. COVID-19 Memorial Cup 2020
2. COVID-19 Honorable Heroes Cup 2020

More info to come after the meetings!

Be kind and be safe everyone!

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